Well needless to say updating ones website is a lengthy process, especially if you are doing it yourself! WordPress might be the cause of my impending insanity. Things move to where they shouldn’t go, you think you’ve solved the problem and then another problem quickly emerges, it’s like they breed. It does seem all the words, paragraphs and images have little minds of their own. They look like they are behaving at the start, they are in the place you put them but they lull you into a false sense of security I tell you! Low and behold they decide to move for no reason you can fathom! When working on WordPress time enters a black hole and all you seem to have achieved is something so tiny, a detail that probably no one will notice and you have spend 3 hours trying to do it…..Oh the joys of WordPress! Breathe….Stop…..and try and look forward to more WordPress tomorrow….that bit might be tricky!

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