Studio Move


My old studio with my sister helping me out.

As 2015 started I soon came to realise I was slowly growing out of my studio.

My business has been expanding & very necessary things like marquees, display canvases & tressle tables were beginning to encroach on my working space. Things were starting to pile up & the room was slowly closing in on me & my painting space.

I started considering my options & came to the conclusion knocking down chimney breasts wasn’t really going to help alleviate the problem. So I came up with a cunning plan…..move to the BIGGEST room in the house, my bedroom.


So I piled everything from my studio into the little spare bedroom & began the process. I started measuring & designing a shelving & workbench thingy that would run along the back wall. Storage is the biggest need & then work surface areas. I loved doing this! I am a happy girl with a drill & jigsaw in my hand.



Things started to take shape pretty quickly & now I have a fab shelving unit & 4 different work areas. The space feels so much bigger & it is so much lighter, perfect conditions for painting my pet portraits & trying new things.


I can’t believe I didn’t think about moving my studio & bedroom around earlier.

It’s a win win all round. I have a fabulous light airy space to work in & I have some great wallpaper to look at everyday! I love it!  Also my bedroom is now at the back of the house, which is so much quieter & now I wake to the birds & not traffic, which makes me a very happy pet portrait artist indeed!

My Studio now overlooks the street which little Bea loves & I so do. I feel more connected to the outside world & not tucked away out of sight & light.

little bea on look out

It’s amazing how positive a change of space is. It really is making a difference to how I am working & what is being created. Exciting stuff!!!

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