Why choose me?

We all have relationships and connections but it’s the relationship we have with our animals that I want to talk about. Commissioning a pet portrait is an expression of our love for our furry family.

To be chosen to do a portrait of your pet is both a responsibility and a huge privilege. It’s a big decision for you and an important one. You are trusting me to capture their personality and soul within the portrait. This in turn will be a constant reminder of the bond you share with your pet.

I definitely connect with animals and seem to be able to capture their spirit easily. It comes naturally to me and the essence of the portrait is capturing this very thing. I believe it lays in the eyes, a gentle cock of the head or a certain pose. I ask for a couple of sentences from you about your pet’s character, this helps so much in highlighting which photo I will work from in order to capture this unique quality.

I have to admit something now……..My name is Emily Burrowes and I am a perfectionist! There I’ve said it! This is great for you because I work meticulously on each and every portrait and I have very high standards. Nothing goes out the door to my customers that I am not 100% happy with. I just couldn’t do it. I fully invest in the portrait I am working on so I firmly believe a little bit of me is included within my work. I love this quote that I found online.

How I work is pretty simple:

  • I’m friendly, approachable and professional – I only work with lovely suppliers, life is too short to deal with negative nasties.
  • I’m honest and compassionate
  • I listen carefully to my clients wants
  • I use quality products over cheaper options and eco-friendly where ever possible.
  • I am meticulous and therefore maintain high standards.

I love what I do. I get to connect with some lovely people and hear about the impact their pet has on their life. I get a sneak preview into their relationship and some of the emails I have received detailing this have left me in tears and some make me chuckle with different animal antics being described. Some clients have recently lost their companion and feelings are raw and emotional. It is then my job to encompass all the love, the care, the memories, character and their relationship in to one portrait. It’s challenging and satisfying and this is one of my contributions to the world.


Please do have a look at what my previous clients say about my work on my testimonials page. Click on the link below:

Pet Portraits



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