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Why choose me?

We all have relationships and connections but it’s the relationship we have with our animals that I want to talk about. Commissioning a pet portrait is an expression of our love for our furry family. To be chosen to do a portrait of your pet is both a responsibility and a huge privilege. It’s a […]

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Studio Move

As 2015 started I soon came to realise I was slowly growing out of my studio. My business has been expanding & very necessary things like marquees, display canvases & tressle tables were beginning to encroach on my working space. Things were starting to pile up & the room was slowly closing in on me […]

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Well needless to say updating ones website is a lengthy process, especially if you are doing it yourself! WordPress might be the cause of my impending insanity. Things move to where they shouldn’t go, you think you’ve solved the problem and then another problem quickly emerges, it’s like they breed. It does seem all the words, paragraphs […]

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